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Smells and Odor Abatement Systems to Improve Air Quality and Break Down Bad Smells and Infections

Proper cleaning and hygiene of your house, or of the professional and public environments also passes by the quality of the air that people can breath inside them. Keeping high hygienic standards and clean air inside of the rooms is essential if you want to give the right image of your company and safeguard the health of those who occupy the rooms, eliminating the unpleasant smells which often risk to invade bathrooms, closed rooms, hotel rooms, hospital or nursing homes, gym locker rooms or particular environments such as supermarkets cold stores, food storage areas or the fishmonger's department of your shop...

LL. Little and Large Solutions started an exclusive collaboration with AIRsteril an English leading company of air treatment, which for over twenty years has been producing technologically advanced solutions for odor abatement and infection control.

The ideal tools for a good environmental sanitization, made without using chemical agents or consumables, totally eliminating odors caused by people, animals, products, processing waste, etc, preventing infections such as legionella, listeria, escherichia-coli, toxinfections, the appearance of mold and mushrooms, or other bacterial contaminations that risk being dangerous to your health and also for your customers' or your employees' ones.

Photocatalysis: the Operating Principle of Our Air Purifiers

AIRsteril molecular purifiers are born from the need to guarantee total and continuous protection to those who live and work in environments with a high "biological risk", just like the bathroom of a shopping center, the kitchen of a restaurant, a dental office, a school, or a nursing home.

Active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they guarantee aseptic, odor-free environments and a clear reduction of infections, chemical and biological risk.

Filterless, AIRsteril molecular purifiers transform and mineralize the substances foreign to the natural composition of the air, making them harmless, leaving only molecules of hydrogen and oxygen into the environment. More effective than ozone or HEPA filters, but totally safe to the people, materials and the environment itself, they simultaneously purify and disinfect air and surfaces through an ecological and natural process, very similar to chlorophyll photosynthesis: the photocatalysis. That's why, AIRsteril's patented photocatalytic system represents a precious ally for anyone who wants to work, live and breathe always in complete safety, comfort and well-being.

AIRsteril - purificatori aria ed elimina odori ad azione fotocatalitica

7 Reasons Why You Need an Air Purifier

  1. It reduces Indoor Pollution, Improves environmental quality by providing clean fresh air
  2. Proven reduction of bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces
  3. It eliminates unpleasant odors from the air and surfaces
  4. It brings hygiene to a unreachable level with traditional cleaning and reduces cleaning time
  5. Continuous infection control: it protects you, your staff and guests, reducing the chance of contracting illness and absenteeism
  6. Destruction of molds and fungi, Felling of pollens and mites that cause allergies
  7. It continuously sanitize the air and all exposed surfaces

AIRsteril technology is used in the aerospace, health, food, sports sectors and wherever the highest standards of environmental purification and sanitation are required and represents a big change of direction, towards a safer, more sustainable and healthier future.

The introduction of an air purification unit is fundamental for the elimination of the so-called indoor pollution, defined by the Italian Ministry of Health as the modification of the normal composition or physical state of internal atmospheric air, due to the presence in the same of one or more substances in quantity and with characteristics such as to alter the normal environmental and health conditions of the air itself and such by constitute a danger or a direct or indirect prejudice to human health.

Unlike the pollution of outdoor atmospheric air, which has been the subject of great attention for many years and which reasons, health effects and prevention measures have been quickly identified, only in recent years we're having the need to deepen the knowledge on indoor pollution, especially in the face of the increase in alarming scientific evidences on the health effects related to this phenomenon.

Then, not only fragrances to make your rooms more welcoming, you also need to be able to guarantee air quality that you, your employees and your customers breathe daily in your workplace. LL. Little and Large Solutions Srl staff can help you solving the problem of indoor pollution, preventing the spread of bacteria and infections, reducing absenteeism and risks, plus ensuring the elimination of stinks and odors.

Molest Smells Abatement, Remedy Against Allergies, Prevention of Infections and Diseases

Eliminating odors with LLsolutions air sanitizing technologies does not only mean making more pleasant to stay inside a closed environment, but above all reduces the proliferation of the bacteria that cause bad smells, protecting our health!

Regularly sanitizing environments and keeping them clean unfortunately is not enough to completely stop the reproduction of bacteria and odor-causing viruses (in only 8 hours a single bacterial cell of legionella or escherichia coli can multiply over 8 million times!). The same goes for the mold on walls and for the growing of musks and fungi that often affect the rooms without any blame from us.

Public toilets, high footfall areas such as airports and stations, kitchens, particular places like dumps and waste treatment areas, tanneries, slaughterhouses or food storage areas are often subjected to the diffusion of bad smells that we can't control, even if we use to regularly clean the environmnet. Unfortunately, smells are always created by bacteria, which are the main cause of stinks and infecitions.

Did you know that urine is odorless until it leaves our body? The unpleasant smell is simply given by the contact with the bacteria that proliferate in the air and feed themselves with the proteins inside of it!

Unfortunately, the generation of unpleasant stinks and odors does not often depend on us, but now it is finally possible to definitively eliminate them in a quick, simple and effective way.

Our range of air purifiers comes from an exclusive and official collaboration that we signed for the Italian market with Airscience Technology International Limited, a professional company from United Kingdom, which is specialized in the designing and production of air purification products and odors and infections control in enclosed spaces. The development of innovative solutions to eliminate unpleasant odors and to help people to control the diffusing of diseases and infections is essential to improve air quality in bathrooms, in nursing homes, waste treatment facilities, cinemas, auditoriums, laboratories, health clubs, offices, airports, hotels, dental or veterinary offices, hospitals, schools and many others...

With our odor removing units we take care of the quality of air inside your spaces and the health of your staff and customers: our goal is to help you improve air quality in enclosed spaces reducing odors and causes of odors, such as bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air and on surfaces.

AIRsteril - purificatori aria ed elimina odori ad azione fotocatalitica per eliminare allergie, odori e infezioni
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Main Differences Between Our Purification Systems from Air Ionizers and Traditional Ozonizers

After reading about our professional air purifiers in the previous lines, besides having clarified what is an air purifier for, probably you're wondering which is the difference between our products and a standard ozone machine... A simple answer to your question is that the most ozone machines simply generate ozone and do not fight infections and odor-causing bacteria. Of course some ozone machines have germicidal lamps inside them, but the technology is different because they don't have catalysts able to release free radicals and to control the production of triatomic oxygen, respecting your health.

AirSteril Air Purifiers

Traditional Ionizers and Ozonizers

UV Lamp + Germicidal Lamp UV lamp only
Photocatalytic technology -
Titanium Dioxide catalyst -
Free Radicals Production
(hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions)
Strong oxidation able to break
the DNA of bacteria and viruses
High Infection Control -
Guaranteed Odor Elimination Odor control
No Filter to Change
Ultra low maintenance costs
Hepa filter to replace several times
High costs
Extreme Silence Noisy fans
You install and "forget" them You have to program them, turn them on,
turn them off and move them
Elimination of Harmful Particles
(up to 0.001 micron)
Elimination of Harmful Particles
(up to 0.3 micron)
Destruction of Lung Penetrating Particles -
Elimination of "VOC" Toxic Pollutants Substances
(formaldehyde, exhaust gas, benzene, toluene, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide)
Abatement of carbon monoxide
and nitrous oxide in the environment

Spectrum of Action of our Photocatalytic UV Sterilizers

AIRsteril sanitizing units have an extremely broad spectrum of action which is unattainable for any other ozone device or traditional germicidal UV lamp: viruses, bacteria, molds, gases, odors, fine dusts, allergens, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), nitrogen oxides, polycondensate aromatics, benzene, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, methanol, ethanol, benzene, ethylbenzene , mexilene, monoxide and nitrogen dioxide can be easily destroyed by our professional units. Since nothing is created and nothing is destroyed in nature, the residues resulting from the transformation of harmful agents are water and mineral salts, which are produced in minimum quantities (parts per billion), invisible and harmless.

All these results have been extensively tested and verified by super-partes entities, including the British Agency for Health Protection (HPA) and ALS, a leading company in research, inspection, certification and verification, which has recently been the guarantor of our systems creating a series of tests aimed at demonstrating the effectiveness of our sanitizing units for the eradication of listeria.

What's inside our Smell Abatement and Air Purification Systems?

The primary component of our air purification technology is a broad spectrum and high intensity ultraviolet lamp, with UVC (254 nm) germicidal wavelengths. In addition to this, a set of broader spectrum ultraviolet waves (185 nm) for the activation of the catalyst. Although UV light alone can already contribute to degrading toxic organic compounds, reaction rates are much faster with the aid of "photocatalytic" technology.

What is a catalyst for?

A catalyst is a special component which is able to accelerate a chemical reaction without being affected or subjected to variations. The catalyst material we have chosen for our photocatalytic air purifiers is titanium dioxide, TiO2 which is applied in the form of a thin film on an aluminum or ceramic substrate.

Titanium dioxide is also a semiconductor, which is very important, because when a semiconductor is bombarded with light at certain wavelengths, the electrons in its valence band are excited and brought to conduction band. This means that they are free to move, until their energy ends, breaking down the water molecules in the air into two parts: the hydroxyl radicals and the superoxide ions.

Free radicals are atoms or unloaded molecules, with unpaired electrons and unpaired electrons themselves are highly reactive, so free radicals quickly engage in chemical reactions.

Hydroxyl radicals are among the most powerful oxidants in the world, stronger than chlorine, ozone and peroxide.

Superoxide is created by adding an electron to the oxygen present in the free radicals. This free radical has a relatively long half-life and this makes it a powerful germicide, capable of easily destroying the DNA of bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds, which have molecules held together by carbon-carbon, carbon-oxygen or carbon-hydrogen bonds.

This is why one of our photocatalytic purifiers can remove 0.001 micron particles from the air, including the tiny penetrating particles of the lung.

To compare with the "competitors", we can say that most "traditional" ionizers and ozonizers are not able to remove particles smaller than 0.3 micron.

Thanks to these important and unique photocatalyst technologies, the AIRsteril air purifiers, of which LL. Little and Large Solutions is exclusive distributor for Italy, are able to eliminate toxic polluting substances called "VOC" (volatile organic compounds) including formaldehyde, exhaust gas, benzene, toluene and odors such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from the air we breathe in any environment. Even gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide, untouched by any other technology, can be reduced or destroyed by our products.

Last but not least, pollen, allergens, dust mites, pet hair, molds, bacteria and viruses, are on the list of pathogens that we are able to kill.

How Our Air Purifiers Work

AIRsteril - funzionamento purificatori aria ed eliminazione odori

With our air purifiers we keep the hygiene of your rooms simply and immediately

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of solutions for fragrances and air purification and we have decided to aim for collaboration with AIRsteril to guarantee to our customers truly effective solutions for sanitizing, disinfecting and eliminating odors.

We understand that every environment has different air quality problems and that it is not possible to have a "one-for-all" solution, as offered by many competitors. For this reason we have chosen to offer a whole series of products developed to include a wide range of applications, from small bedrooms, offices and bathrooms, to large living rooms, sport halls, auditoriums, up to slaughterhouses and waste treatment plants, giving to our customers the opportunity to choose from a range of units built to adapt to the size, level of contamination and required level of sterilization of the environments.

Discover our technologies for the odor treatment, disinfection and environmental sanitization

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